Streamline your procurement processes

Improve supply chain and inventory performance, reduce risk, and gain greater visibility and control over costs with modern purchase management software.

Key benefits for your staff and management

Maintain SOP compliance

Ensure all organizational SOP’s are followed from Purchase Requisition to Vendor Payment, including threshold-based approvals, CAPEX and OPEX budget checks and handling special scenarios such as urgent purchases and intra-group purchases.

Manage numerous types of purchase

From single source purchasing to complex tenders involving several levels of evaluations. Allow consultants and business users create and exchange engineering drawings, bills of quantity and specification documents with vendors through a web-based vendor portal.

Consolidate purchases

Order in bulk by consolidating purchase requisitions from several subsidiaries and get better bargaining power with your suppliers and contractors. Assign workflows for purchase and tender executives to minimize administrative overheads of your staff.

Vendor evaluation and rating

Capture complete vendor info and continually gather vendor feedback from user departments. Enhance compliance to local anti-corruption regulations by capturing extensive vendor data including past project details, professional certificates, etc

Powerful procurement insights

Generate actionable insights and data visualization using sophisticated business intelligence tool. Analyze requisition trends, vendors’ adherence to KPI’s and critical procurement KPI’s such as requisition cycle time and spend under management.

Set policies on purchases

Use workflows and collaboration tools to collaborate with stakeholders. Enforce rules-based-procurement ensuring vendors comply with tender timelines and specifications. Every interaction can be recorded for audit and compliance purposes.

Automate your purchasing workflow

Set procurement rules, and create multi-level workflows to improve your purchase and inventory performance. Define approval steps, and proceed the purchase orders to cost center heads (like purchasing or accounting heads).

Set a purchasing budget based on ledgers or products, and let the system automatically check if there is enough funds available. Next, automatically alert users about budget status.

There are unlimited possibilities to define and automate your purchase processes! It’s up to your creativity.

Manage supplier price lists

Make smarter purchase decisions based on various contract conditions. Define, set and link purchase pricelists to each supplier and create multiple versions of a price list based on price changes, promotions, discounts etc. Easily import suppliers’ price lists using EDI or other interfaces.

Improve your liquidity!

Plan and project your cash flow based on your payment schedule. Set custom payment terms and apply them to each invoice you issue. Payment schedules will be automatically generated based on the invoices.

Automatically send RfQs to your suppliers

Create and send a request for quotation to your suppliers based on customizable ‘topics’ such as stocks levels product categories, specific product, etc. You can customize this ‘topics’ according to your needs.

Assign a several number of suppliers to each ‘topic’ in order to create a list of suppliers to which you will automatically send the RfQ via email after a certain conditions are met in the system. The system is able to automatically rank responses and generate one or multiple purchase orders based on the conditions and details in the suppliers’ offers.

Collaborate effectively with suppliers and contractors

Do correspondence with the supplier directly from the system. Fix an appointment with the supplier, define tasks related to the vendor, send email or SMS, issue a letter, attach documentation, etc. Everything will be saved in the suppliers history records, and you can easily track the communication and improve your relations with the supplier.

Powerful and flexible purchase reporting

Get accurate analytics on your suppliers’ performance through standard purchase reports, or perform detailed analysis and track purchase behaviors through ready-made and custom business intelligence reports. Analyze price changes, delivery delays, negotiated discounts, quantities purchased, contracts’ profitability, compare vendors, etc. Choose from variety of ready-made procurement reports, or create your custom purchase report, based on your specific business needs.

Get a more in-depth understanding of your procurement

Explore all features, and learn the real power of the Purchase Management module

Vendor Business Rules

Our Business Partner Management module allows managing the business partner in various terms. A business partner can be a vendor or customer or both. System updates the real-time open balances of the business partner. Taxation can be handled based on the vendor.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Request for Quotation (RFQ) expedites the purchasing process by creating and submitting an RFQ to multiple prospective and existing suppliers, recording and tracking bids and ultimately initiating a Requisition or Purchase Order from the winner supplier.


It enables you to create purchase requests from different warehouses or departments. Purchase requests can be approved through the multi-level approval process. Request can be converted to purchase order or inventory movement can be created to fulfill the request.

Procurement Reports

Perform detailed analysis and track purchase behaviors through standard and custom procurement reports. Choose from hundreds of ready-made procurement reports, or create your own custom purchase report, based on needs.

Purchase Orders

Generate purchase order from multiple sources: manually, trough replenishment, from requisition or from sales order. Set PO reference to project, campaign, or opportunity and match PO to invoices, shipments or receipts.

Product Costing

Our Procurement Management Module comes with an inbuilt costing engine, offering calculation of actual costs, automatically and simultaneously calculated by several costing methods.