About Us

Honestattva IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A Company registered under the Indian Companies Act 1965.

Established in the year 2018. Popularly known as “Honest IT”

Honestattva meaning “The Crux of Honesty” is an Indian way of saying it. Honest + Tattva (Tattva (/ˈtʌtvə/) is a Sanskrit word that describes thatness, principle, reality, or truth). We would like to be an honest guide for all IT needs for our customers.


We are a successful organization offering world-class products, solutions, and services that provide total satisfaction to our customers.

We will maintain this high level of honesty, business ethics, teamwork, and professionalism while demonstrating a caring attitude towards employees and customers.


As our name suggests we manage our business with utmost honesty and trust. We provide a productive and fulfilling work environment for employees, attentive and timely services for the customers. We are committed to stability and strategic growth. We are recognized for our reasonable, dependable, and practical solutions for industry demands.

Our Business Philosophy


We have observed that there is a wide GAP in Auto ID Industry, many players are the associate channel partners of a particular singular brand and hence they have no option but to promote that particular brand only, no matter if it fits in the client’s needs or not. Others are Trading Houses, sell and promote every Brand, their objective is to sell any product over the shelf with a policy of “All are good!”


We are here to bridge this GAP. We are an integrated solution provider having a team of highly experienced technocrats. We perform systematic requirement analysis considering technicalities and the cost aspects. We provide integrated solutions where we offer specific hardware with comparison from the widest range available with us to the client. Our approach is based on our clients’ specific wants, we offer solutions that make sense for our customers, and value comes before the cost.