Reshape How Procurement Works for Your Employees

Recreate the entire procurement experience across your subsidiaries with e-Procurement Solution.

Group Procurement

Consolidate, combine and optimize your procurement requirements across subsidiaries, different departments, or even different software platforms

Consolidate procurement functions across your subsidiaries. Optimize the total cost of purchasing and storing goods across all your branches. Achieve economies of scale and increase bargaining power over your suppliers with the Group Procurement solution.

Vendor Self-Service Portal

Transfer the responsibility of master data maintenance to the vendor with a robust self-service component

Reduce administrative and data maintenance overhead of your procurement team and let vendors use a self-service portal to manage their data and activities. By shifting data ownership to your vendors, you can save an inordinate amount of time and resources and instead, use them for more high-value activities in the procurement process.

Tender Lifecycle Management

Navigate seamlessly through the lifecycle of a tender with a uniquely powerful and integrated e-Procurement system

Manage complex tender workflows and events such as tender openings, clarifications, re-tendering and awarding of tender through a singularly collaborative platform that brings suppliers, buyers and approvers together. Contact us today and schedule your personalized demo.

6 Priorities When Choosing e-Procurement Solution

Digital technologies can help procurement increase their collaboration, analytics and engagement using a portfolio of tools along the entire procurement value chain. Learn what should an ideal e-Procurement solution deliver to the procurement function.