Use your ERP

anywhere, access business information on the fly, and make better-informed decisions


Gives you freedom


Access your ERP system from anywhere and have detail insights into your business on any mobile device. ERP is a web-based solution without limitations. It’s one enterprise application that runs on all browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices (tablets, phones, laptops).

Easy to use

You do not need to spend days learning how it works. ERP/CRM comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use. Increase your productivity with fast and responsive HTML5 based UI.

Modular ERP system

Browse and install additional business modules, apply country localizations or integrate third-party apps. But don’t stop here! Use Market to quickly upgrade your ERP system to the latest version and keeping all your customizations safe and secure.

Cloud Computing

Choose between cloud ERP deployment and on-premises deployment. You have the options to choose from either your private cloud or to deploy on our certified and secure cloud environment.

Design flexible and automated workflows

A good ERP should have the capability to adapt to the business processes of a customer with all the necessary tools for modeling workflow and business processes. workflow management is one of the most powerful workflow tools available in the market.

Design any workflow without the hassles of coding and with basic technical knowledge. The workflow management is exceptionally flexible and permits the execution of various actions triggered by manual or automated activities.

Makes you smarter

Includes apps and features that will make your employees more productive, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Approval Alerts Notices

Our self-configurable management dashboards proffer user-specific business figures, required for quick decision-making.

Email SMS Integration

External and internal communication can be supervised from within the system keeping track of all communication

Calendar and Time Management

Manage your time and resources by utilizing inbuilt personal or shared calendars and time management applications.

Task Management

Increase productivity and visibility by managing your tasks linked with your business records.

Excel Import & Export

Data to any window can be imported from excel and all records and reports can be exported to Excel.

Chat Attachment

Internal Chat conversations between users within a transaction are now possible. The conversations are recorded.

BI and Reporting

Fully customizable, and extendable reports of different types. Data from different sources can be compiled into these BI reports.

Multiple Languages

Manage international operations with a multi-lingual application. Print your documents in your customers’ languages.


Manage multiple companies from a single ERP system! It is a real enterprise-level system enabling multiple tenants.

Technical Features


Trust open source ERP/CRM to create winning opportunities for your business. Start developing custom modules and products on an open-source platform.

Model-Driven Architecture

A pioneering, future-oriented, and scalable business architecture.

Window Composer

Design User Interface within minutes for extensive testing.


Being an open-source platform delivers infinite extendibility.

Report Writer

Design any type of report and print format, as easy as creating a simple text document.

Personalization and Security

One of the most important features of ERP/CRM is the influential security and personalization trait.

Transport System

An inbuilt transport system that helps the shipment of functionality from one instance to another.

External Reporting Tools

Generate reports with external reporting tools such as Crystal Reports or even external BI systems.

System Administration

We offer administration capabilities that help administrators do their work with more ease and less time.

Schedulers and Processors

Schedulers and process engines can assist you with automating such tasks and notifies the precise audience.