Maximize Operational Efficiency

Establish a dependable system to manage, track and ensure the optimum usage of your assets.

Key benefits for your Asset Management Team

Manage Depreciation

Automate your depreciation and amortization schedules to ensure accurate accounting treatment.

Capitalize Projects

Build your own assets by capitalizing on costs. We help you to convert projects upon their closure to assets

Leased Assets Accounting

Be compliant with IFRS-16 standards for Leased Assets with the Asset Management System.


Give your workforce the power of mobility and enable them to record asset-related transactions from anywhere using our mobile interface.

Asset Tracking

Track the asset throughout its complete lifecycle and record data related to location, custodian, costing, expenses, and more.

Asset Maintenance

Setup servicing events and receiving alerts on preventive maintenance. Track breakdown, maintenance cost, parts and resource hours on assets.

Asset Maintenance

Maximize asset performance with the EAM Mobile Software. Optimize asset health with our predictive and simulating feature. Schedule and execute asset maintenance tasks seamlessly with our real-time, integrative processes. Monitor, detect, report, and resolve issues swiftly.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Track asset locations, servicing details, usage and cost details throughout the lifespan of your assets. Allocate asset cost to cost centers and products and services to calculate a more accurate margin.

Seamless Integration with Finance and Inventory

Enterprise Asset Management works in conjunction with other modules such as Finance and Inventory and automatically generates costing and posting transactions from the Financial Accounting module. Also, activation of assets, disposal, movement of assets is possible from within the inventory module.

Insightful Analytics

Strategize and maximize your assets with avant-garde analytics and gain a competitive edge by using cloud-based optimization and analytics linking the data to achieve clear and strategic outcomes.

Get an in-depth understanding of the EAM system.

A multifaceted Enterprise Asset Management system that will optimize your asset performance while effectively managing your capital expenditures.

Multiple Depreciation Methods

With an Enterprise Asset Management system, you can define various depreciation methods and further assign them to various asset classes.

Partial or Full Disposal

When it’s time for the disposal of assets, you can rely on the Enterprise Asset Management system to make a comprehensive list and record all aspects.

Capitalization of Expenses

Better manage your current and past capital expenditures through specific transaction codes generated by the Enterprise Asset Management system

Capital Budget

Enterprise Asset Management system has an integrated approach across all phases of an asset lifecycle including cost planning and budgeting.

Leased Assets (IFRS16)

Actively manage lease data pertaining to an array of assets in compliance with IFRS16 with the Enterprise Asset Management system.

Track Asset Cost

Discard all manual processes with an asset tracking solution, be it scheduling asset inventory count or tracking status, all in real-time.

Audit Trails

Seamlessly verify all fixed assets with the robust auditing feature of the Enterprise Asset Management system. A flawless tool that will maintain transparency and accuracy within your organization.

Plant Maintenance

With the Asset Management system, you can manage your plant, equipment, fleets, and facilities throughout its life term and maximize the use of every asset and ensure they operate at peak performance and efficiency.

Multi-Level Composition

Balance a wide variety of assets across a broadly diversified portfolio with an Enterprise Asset management system. Maintain and manage details of multiple assets across the board in the most flexible and transparent manner.