Real Estate and Construction ERP software

Next-generation mobile and collaborative software built to streamline your real estate and construction business


One single ERP system covering all construction needs

A winning formula for your construction and real estate firm

Communicating efficiently greatly
increases customer satisfaction

Maximize the productivity of your field service teams (including service partners) and get the right people to the right job. Every time.

Field service contracts and preventive

Keep accurate service contracts, maintenance plans, warranties and installed products – across customers and locations.

Capture all billable time and accelerate billing

Easily track time and costs spent on projects for better insights and improved forecasting and capacity.

Locate and track your valuables

Track financial, contractual, and inventory details of equipment and infrastructure throughout their lifecycle. Asset requests are handled using workflows to obtain approvals, validate entitlements etc.

Calculate the project cost before
submitting your quotes

Use templates to quickly plan and budget projects. Lay down your project structure and generate automatic estimates and billing based on your project plan.

Manage parts, returns, and repairs
across any service network

Broken products, missing parts, and messy returns; are a major drain on your profitability and a major strain on your customer relationships. But they also represent a unique opportunity.

Mobilize and digitize unlimited

Work with anyone, from anywhere, in real-time. The 3Cs: coordination, collaboration, and cost, all key success factors in the construction industry, come together in Construction ERP. Our seamless integration of technologies will make any builder small or large, be ready to compete and exceed expectations.

We help teams stay in sync, even when they aren’t together. This means more teamwork, less rework, and even better project margins.

Manage customer relationship more effectively

Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by visibly increasing service levels using technological advancement. Use the Web to improve collaboration within your company and with your partners.

Know your customers better, create customer segments and target lists using different parameters, and improve the management of sales funnels, salesforce, leads, and opportunities. Plan and execute efficient campaigns, and track the progress and results in real-time.

Supplier Access Portal

A critical factor in the success of your supply chain is the ability of your suppliers to meet your needs. As a result, providing them real-time access to your requirements can ensure your success in meeting production goals.

Construction ERP software provides suppliers with an insight into your requirements and tools to fulfill your project needs.

    • Material Requirements
    • Inventory Levels
    • Custom Workflow
    • Purchase Order Self-Serve

Streamline Tender Management

Manage Bids and Tenders in the cloud

Request for quotation

Easily create multiple bid or tender templates. The time you spend managing bids and tenders will fall by half compared to

Document Management (DMS)

Share and Control Documents Project-Wide.

Cycle Automation

Automate the entire procurement cycle; from Tender / Requisition to Payment or choose to run manually.

Quote Comparison

Automatic Quotation Comparison.

Procurement Material Rules

Procure as per material rules at warehouse, manufacturing & product levels.

Vendor Performance Management

Establish a stable and reliable vendor base, and maintain profitable supplier relationships.

Key Features

Construction & Real Estate industry-specific ERP features

Budget / Estimation Control

Material Management

Legal Management

Liaison Management

Contractor Billing Management

Tender Bid Management

Lease and Rental

Design Coordination

Land Management

Project Management

Procurement Management

HR Management & Payroll

Asset Management

Document Management System