Food & Beverages ERP solution

The most advanced hospitality software in the palm of your hand


The right choice for every type of hospitality operations

F&B Industry vertical provides a complete solution for a chain of restaurants including operations and management. this is the only of its kind solution covering all needs of a growing and scalable F&B business. No matter what type of operations you run, combined with its ERP, we offer you just the right features on a single platform.


Can Manage Dining table Management which helps you to completely manage your restaurant and knows food and operations cost.

Home Delivery

Tt supports full home delivery operations including a delivery app for drivers, real-time location tracking, multi-channel ordering, and much more.

Food Truck

With its offline yet powerful operations supported on tablets and phones, It is the light but powerful companion for your food truck.


F&B solutions support cafés and offer a quick yet effective way of customer service.

Club & Bar

Supporting all sorts of mobile devices and hardware, be sure that support the kind of concept you have in mind.

Fast Food (QSR)

Its comprehensive set of features matching the QSR businesses have been proven to offer the right solution for QSR businesses.

Easy to use.

F&B ERP solution is user-friendly and powerful. You do not need to spend days learning how it works. It is based on a single system interface for front-end and back-end operations. This significantly cuts the implementation and training times, as well as the cost.

Time for the essentials.

The food and beverage industry is very dynamic. This requires a software solution that is capable of adjusting to changing circumstances. With the F&B ERP template you can manage every guest quickly and efficiently, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction.

Our F&B solution helps you focus on what matters! With integrated dashboards and analytics, you will always have your business figures in view. Get in-depth insights about your customers, check the performance of your employees, or manage your stock levels better with our business intelligence module.

Time for the essentials

Works on all mobile devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops…); and operating systems (cross platforms solution). Our F&B solution is web-based and accessible from anywhere. Moreover, you do not need to worry if there is a break in the internet connection. F&B solution works perfectly offline as well as online and will never fail you.

Key Features

Food & Beverage industry-specific ERP feature

Pick Up functionality

Set Modifiers

Kitchen & Delivery Station

Recipe Management

Call Center

Home Delivery Management

Quick Service Restaurant

Dine In

Return & Refund Functionality

Wastage Management

Combo Items Settings

Shift Management

Fast and secure

Stock Management