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Enterprise Resource Planning System

Realize strategic goals with one enterprise application across the company

Hundreds of features within the tightly integrated ERP and CRM solution, with inbuilt Document Management and Business Intelligence system. Available on the cloud and on-premises.

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Enterprise Asset Management System

Maximize asset performance with the EAM Mobile Software. Optimize asset health with our predictive and simulating feature. Schedule and execute asset maintenance tasks seamlessly with our real-time, integrative processes. Monitor, detect, report, and resolve issues swiftly.

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Documents management System

DMS is the first-ever Document Management System to be securely embedded in an enterprise-level ERP solution. This simplifies the workflow process, reduces timescales, and minimizes the risk of human error by completely automating the process.

Our Enterprise Document Management System is very easy to use, highly scalable, and supports millions of documents, making every document available in just a few seconds.

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Financial Management Sytem

A truly global financial management system that allows you to run global accounting scenarios including working according to multiple GAAPs within a single system.

Also, do multi-currency transactions, produce multi-lingual documents, and much more.

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Business Intelligence Sytem

It is a web-based BI solution that supports both the analyst and the business user workflows whilst providing the governance IT requires!

The system is deployed on a centralized architecture, with governance baked into the application. In this way we cater to the needs of the 3 stakeholders:

  • Business users – consume, share and collaborate on trusted data
  • Analysts – create reports and build dashboards
  • IT personnel – have complete security and governance over the platform
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E-Procurement System

Consolidate procurement functions across your subsidiaries. Optimize the total cost of purchasing and storing goods across all your branches. Achieve economies of scale and increase bargaining power over your suppliers with the Group Procurement solution.

Digital technologies can help procurement increase their collaboration, analytics and engagement using a portfolio of tools along the entire procurement value chain. Learn what should an ideal e-Procurement solution deliver to the procurement function.

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