Discrete Manufacturing ERP software

Improving productivity by removing inefficient practices


All you need from a discrete manufacturing software

Honest IT is more than just a regular MRP software


Accurate planning is directly based on real manufacturing times measures.

  • Advanced planning using Planners’ Workbench

  • Improved plan operations

  • Wave planning

Advanced Insights

Capture and analyze data in real-time and make better-informed decisions.

  • Inbuilt Business Intelligence platform

  • Standard and customized reports

  • Predictive analytics


Have complete control over your products with multi-dimensional manufacturing software.

  • BOM Management

  • Multiple units of measurement & UOM conversion

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Inventory and Operations

Decrease the chance of inventory errors, automate operations, and provide on-time communication.

  • Resources management and optimization

  • Work order management

  • Human resource management and payroll

Increase productivity by avoiding overloading
the manufacturing system


Discrete Manufacturing ERP software provides an effective means to improve productivity by removing inefficient practices, ensuring adherence to manufacturing plans, identification of bottlenecks, and keeping things organized. Our ERP solution ensures that processes are completed quickly and correctly

Respond quickly to observed demand

Discovering the workflow that better suits your team can be a challenge. Too much structure slows progress, but not enough can halt it together. Whether you use Kanban, Scrum, Agile, or something in between, Honest IT  Manufacturing ERP lets you tailor your workflow to your team’s needs. Automate your manufacturing and business processes with powerful, easy-to-use workflow management.

Optimize your inventory level

Optimize and automate your inventory management by setting up rules in your manufacturing ERP software. Better plan your supply and demand of raw material, WIP, finished goods and spare parts. Use multi-step routing with optional operations and precise production control to avoid shortages. Set up minimum stock rules, scheduler and other rules to automate procurements.

Real-time reporting and business intelligence

Use AI and machine learning to tackle complex business problems. Use those insights to optimize your business and deliver actionable insights. Our inbuilt BI system provides all the data you need at your fingertips.

    • Track maintenance KPIs
    • Create customized dashboards
    • Monitor performance in real-time
    • Control your productivity in real-time
    • Make smarter decisions with dynamic reports

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Key Features

Specific ERP features for the manufacturing industry


Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Warehouse Operations

Production Control

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Cost Management



Material Management

Order Management

Global Financial Management

Document Management System

Customer Relationship Management

Warehouse Management System

Business Intelligence

Web store Integration