A powerful ERP solution for retail and supply chain management

Anything you need for your retail business, accessible from wherever you sell.


Who is this retail ERP for?

Packed with benchmark features of the retail industry, especially catering to the needs of:

Retail outlets

Supports numerous store types: hypermarkets, supermarkets and other large retail chains, mini markets, apparel outlets, convenience stores, department stores, tech outlets, online shops, and many more.

Wholesalers and Distributors

Improve the handling of the wholesale shipments, automate the inventory control in multiple warehouses, manage thousands of SKUs without error and ensure timely and efficient distribution of stock to retail outlets.

FMCG companies

Whether you sell non-durable goods such as packaged foods, beverages, or any other products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost, our ERP solution is the best choice to scale your business with.

Access from anywhere,online or offline

ERP for retail and supply chain is a cross platforms solution that works well on all mobile devices and operating systems. Take your mobile device to your customer, and accept orders anywhere in or out of your store. No need for a checkout counter! Distributors and FMCG companies can use our solution directly from a sales van or at customer premises.

Moreover, you do not need to worry if there is a break in the internet connection. Retail ERP works perfectly offline as well as online and will never fail you

Compatible with any hardware

There is no new and expensive hardware required to switch

Mobile / Tablet


Desktop computers

RFID support

Other Retail and SCM devices

Easy to use

ERP for the retail and supply chain industry is user-friendly and powerful. You do not need to spend days learning how it works. It is based on a single system interface for front-end and back-end operations. This significantly cuts the implementation and training times, as well as the cost.

Moreover, it requires very low administrative effort. There is no need for technical staff, even when handling multiple stores. With retail ERP there is no need to overspend on maintenance and support!

  • Use with the unlimited number of stores.
  • Lower maintenance and support costs.
  • Lower implementation time and cost.
  • Lower training time and cost.
  • Lower administrative effort.


Track your sales and growth in real time

Detailed business reports help you analyze and gain insight into your products, orders, payments, inventory, supply chain and more. In this way you are going to be able to make better decisions about the right portfolio of products, analyze customer behaviors and stock levels, seasons and more. Have a real time control of your business and make more accurate forecasts.

Know your customers better

Get a 360° view of your customer, by evaluating and analyzing all data that comes
together in your CRM system

Customer profiles

Customer profiles are automatically created with new orders. Our retail ERP lets you track customer activities, and learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info, locations, and order history at a glance. Give your field personnel access to customers’ historical data and enable the creation of customer-specific price lists and discounts. Manage multiple sales channels, multiple price lists, and versions.

Customer Loyalty Program

Create and manage loyalty programs tailored to your specific business needs. Automatically reward your loyal customers with points, gifts and discounts by issuing a loyalty card.

Synchronize your online and retail customers

Your customers’ information is synced with POS solution, so their order history can be referenced or tracked – no matter where the order was placed in-store or online.

Email marketing

Collect email addresses at checkout to notify your customers of upcoming sales or new products with the MailChimp email marketing app.

Key Features

Retail and Supply Chain industry-specific features

Organization Management

Store & Warehouse Structuring

Replenishment Management

Product Management

Pricing & Discount Management

Expiry Date Management

Warehouse Management

Materials Management

Sales Organization

Wholesale Operations

Purchase & Supplier Relation

Point of Sale Features

Finance & Auditing

Device Management

VAT Management

Commission Management

Campaign Management

Fix Asset Management

CRM &Loyalty Program

Advanced Retail & SCM analytics