Education ERP solution

Automate admissions. Eliminate manual processes and save significant staff time


The right choice for all educational institutions

ERP for education institutions covers all your industry-specific needs.

Private Universities and Colleges

We support private educational institutions manage their educational responsibility while letting you keep an eye on profitability and operational excellence.


We help to manage your school operations including academics, timetable management, staff management, library, transportation, and hostel management. It provides better visibility by allowing parents to look into their children’s performance.

Public University and Colleges

Manage your funds and allocate those to research projects to track the performance and spending on projects.

Training Institutes

Set a curriculum and optimize resource utilization with the help of ERP. we help you to market your courses and drive more revenue and higher profitability while increasing the quality of services.

Why choose ERP for your education organization?

Our education ERP solution helps you reduce the involvement of administration without affecting education. With ERP/CRM you can hand over responsibilities without losing control and improve efficiency with the existing number of non-teaching staff. Moreover, you will reduce the time spent by teaching staff on administrative tasks and help them increase the time spend on core-competencies

    • Readymade, out-of-the-box solution
    • Quick implementation
    • Manage multiple institutions
    • Cost-center concept
    • Manage student and parent-related information

Manage publicity campaigns

ERP allows you to manage campaigns through multiple channels! Ensure an effective campaign by managing interest areas and target lists.

Our education-specific CRM module, based on faculty type, current students, prospective students, donors, and alumni will help you better manage campaign budgets, task lists, deliverables, and measure performance.

Manage registrations, admissions and learning

Monitor and evaluate the student population via specific modules for integration of Registrar and student services. Define courses, eligibility criteria, registration of applicants, student admissions and fees management, and provide student/parent/faculty portals. Moreover, track and support the professional development of faculty members.

Provide integrated e-learning mobile-friendly portal for students with user role-based access and link it with the CRM module.

Education ERP solution provides an integrated approach that allows financial planning, student admissions, and supply chain decisions to be made at a high level. It comes with a flexible analytics platform that can be used to compare and align student information with financial planning.

Manage operations

ERP for education organizations offers various modules to manage entire operations including academics module, fees management, hostel management, attendance management, procurement, material management, financial accounting, faculty management, human resource management & payroll, library management, document management, and more.

Social Campus App

The Social App connects all stakeholders such as Parents, Teachers, Students, and Administration based on a single platform. Its role-specific content brings the right information and alerts to the respective stakeholder group.

Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

Our Education ERP solution provides an inbuilt Library Management System with RFID technology

Key Modules

  • Classifying and indexing materials
  • Ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials
  • Lending materials to users and receiving them back
  • Tracking journals, magazines, and newspaper holdings
  • Online Public Access Catalog (the public interface for users)

Key Features

Education industry-specific ERP features

Institutional Marketing

Hostel Management

Students & Parents Management & Services

Academics Module & Biometric Attendance

Purchasing Management

Collaboration Features

Fees Management

Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)


System Administration


Financial Accounting

Staff Management & Payroll (HCM)

Students Portal

Material Management

Workflow Management