More of what matters to the CFOs


All that you are missing in your current ERP

Key benefits for your Financial Team

Multi-Level Organization Structure

Single accounting software for all your entities within a single installation – accessible to all. Multi-level and global organization structures operating on multiple currencies can be easily defined so that there is just a single source of truth.

Single Chart of Accounts

Setup a single chart of accounts for all your entities with entity-specific ledgers or country-specific ledgers. Reporting to the head office was never easier. Accounting practices can be assimilated across entities, no matter what the operative business is.

Flexible Reporting Hierarchy

Group your legal or non-legal entities inflexible reporting hierarchies. Alternative reporting hierarchies can be defined to build P/L based on Divisions, Products, Regions, or any other Accounting Dimension.

IFRS and Local GAAP


It comes with a fully loaded IFRS Chart of Accounts meant to work in multi-entity scenarios. In addition to this, each entity can run on multiple Accounting Books, including the local GAAP.

Group Consolidation


A real group consolidation engine allows you to consolidate your numbers even at a global level, across different GAAPs. Considering the accounting of multiple countries, currencies.

Financial Management


Financial Management is certified to the IDW PS 880 and RS FAIT 1 standards by TÜV Süd, Germany, and is compliant with the international auditing and compliance standards.

Global Financial Management

A truly global financial management system that allows you run global accounting scenarios including working according to multiple GAAPs within a single system.

Also do multi-currency transactions, produce multi-lingual documents and much more.

Setting Goals was never easier

Plan your periods with a few clicks. Whether planning with the help of key figures (formula planning) or based on historical numbers and expected growth rates, Financial Management module equips you with the right tools for your planning process.

Define and track the figures that are important to your business on your role-based dashboards. Set KPI for each role and user and have them presented right at the workspace.

Search for the “Why” much easier

Digging into your data from the highest level to find the reason for changes is much easier with the Financial Management module. Our BI capabilities support your quest to find the “why” and explain the reason in a descriptive way. It lets you compare periods, regions, divisions or any other accounting dimensions.

Accelerate and enable operational accounting with simple tools

Reduce time to run your accounting operations by using powerful accounting tools helping you to run your daily business smoother.

Accounts Payables and Receivables Cockpit

The AR/AP Cockpit provides you with all information that you need and facilitates you with the actions that you need to perform at a single interface. It automates generating payments towards suppliers and takes action on receivables to get paid much quicker.

Bank Reconciliation Cockpit

An intelligent reconciliation logic for automatic match of expected transactions with the actual transactions fetched automatically from your banking interface. This tool simply saves you a lot of time.

Auto-Allocation and Distribution Tools

Set rules for automatic allocation of AR/AP transactions to Payments and its distribution to Accounting Dimensions such as Organizations, Cost Centers, Projects, and many more.

Get a more in-depth understanding of our accounting

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Accounts Payables Automation

Setup your individual Accounts Payable Workflow to save time and effort in paying your bills. Use payment discounts and improve relationships with your suppliers.


Create Operational and Investment Budgets using the respective tools. Plan at the level of any accounting dimension such as Organization, Project, Division, and many more.

IFRS and Local GAAP

We truly understand IFRS and are preconfigured to support IFRS-based accounting including IFRS 16 rules. In addition to that, you can run your local GAAP.

Central Cash Management

Central Cash Management allows you to centralize your funds’ management and generate investment income. Inter-Company accounting consequences and interest calculation.

Risk and Compliance Management

Our ERP comes with comprehensive controls also it is monitoring mechanisms to comply with regulations for listed companies in the system and local privacy rules.

Shared Services Billing

Automate your intercompany invoicing based on terms and key figures set with your subsidiaries. Set recurring invoicing on service contracts and usage or plan your invoice schedules.

Workflow and Approvals

Define roles-based workflows for better accountability in managing your master and transactions data. A flexible workflow engine provides comprehensive automation tools.

Business Intelligence

It comes with an inbuilt Business Intelligence System which has been featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Forrester has recognized it as a “Strong Performer”.

Banking Integration

Standard Interfaces as well as the capability to define custom interfaces with your banks helps to automate your banking transactions and save time.